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Janet McDougall

Artist’s Statement

My interest in art and the creative process developed gradually through a wide variety of seemingly unrelated courses taken at the Haliburton School of Art, Loyalist College, ZimArt and private lessons. Exploration of my creative spirit via such diverse mediums and experiences has lead me to understand and appreciate the inter-connectivity of all things. Although I continue to enjoy painting, glasswork and stone carving my primary interest remains working with clay.

As a potter I enjoy both handbuilding and wheel-work. I work principally with stoneware and porcelain but have enjoyed brief journeys in playing with Raku. In all my work, I am inspired by the ruggedly beautiful natural surroundings in the heart of the Kawartha Lakes Region. My home and studio are nestled in a wooded area at the edge of the Canadian Shield. I find my daily walks through the woods an endless source of inspiration -wildlife; colour; texture; the play of light through the trees…

My work is continually growing and changing as I grow and change. I strive to make each piece unique, allowing the clay and my creative spirit guide me.

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