Harassment Policy

The Kawartha Potters Guild has a formal harassment policy that applies to all members, teachers, students, and customers. Th KPG harassment policy is based on existing Federal and Provincial laws and it is encouraged that all those intending to engage with the guild community familiarize themselves with the policy.

The KPG believes it is important to operate with standards that uphold the safety and well being of all those that choose to join or engage with our community. We have a zero tolerance policy for any form of harassment and expect all members to take responsibility to ensure the guild is welcoming and inclusive to all. What may not be considered harassment to one may be considered harassment to another, so it is important to ensure you check in with those around you and be familiar with the laws that exist.

Any instance of harassment that you directly experience, or observe another person experiencing, should be brought to the attention of the KPG Chair of the Board, who’s contact information can be found here. If you believe the safety of yourself or another to be in jeopardy please contact the authorities immediately.

Kawartha Potters Guild Harassment Policy

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