To Teach, To Learn, To Share

Meet Your Instructors

Karina BatesPhoto of Karina and some of her pottery

Karina has been working with clay regularly, since about 2004 and became a member Guild shortly after that.  Studying under Darlene Malcolm-Moran, George Stewart and Scott Walker, amongst others, Karina partipated in the 2016 Creative Directions Mentorship, travelled to Korea for three weeks of intensive study under pottery masters in 2018 and was one of the members selected for the KPG Juried Show held at the Peterborough Art Gallery in the fall of 2018.   You can find examples of Karina’s work on Facebook at Horus Eye Pottery.

Carolyn CiscoCarolyn Cisco

Carolyn started throwing in first year university and found it calming and challenging. After 30 years of teaching dance and phys-ed she is now retired from teaching high school and looking forward to sharing her love of clay with others.  

Check out Carolyn’s Guild Member page and see a selection of her work.


Janette Froncz

Janette studied at the Haliburton School of Art and is a graduate of the Ceramics Program and the Sculpture Program. Originally trained as a dancer Janette taught ballet, modern dance and creative movement and worked with 4th Line Theatre for 14 years as actor, choreographer and producer. It was while teaching dance in Yellowknife in the 1990’s that Janette took her first pottery class. Currently Janette enjoys throwing clay, and teaching pottery and yoga.

June GoodwinJune Goodwin

June has spent most of her life involved in working, teaching and selling in a variety of media. After attending Luton School of Art in the UK, she moved with her husband to Canada and became immersed in the craft community.

June now works solely in clay, teaching children and adults and exhibiting and selling her work.

Visit June’s Guild Member page too see a selection of her work.

Janine Gwendoline-Smith

Janine is a Renaissance Artist, (Polymath), whose passion for Life fuels her boundlessPortrait of Janine
creativity. She pursues excellence in her disciplines of singing, songwriting, art, design,
clay work, poetry, writing, knitting, and T’ai Chi. Janine finds endless inspiration in her love for the Animal Kingdom, wonder of Nature, delight in colour, desire for the
exaltation of Woman, and the exploration of our true spiritual nature. She began training in T’ai Chi in 1974, teaching in 1980. Since relocating from Toronto, Janine now teaches at the Peterborough Sports and Wellness Centre.  As a professional public speaker, Janine has addressed a variety of audiences on the subjects of Spirituality and Fulfilment of Human Potential. She has a background in writing: blogs, articles, ghost writing, children’s stories, as a story contributor to various projects, and as a published poet.  Janine has been writing songs and recording her music since 1979.  Click to hear her current online catalogue.

Janine has extensive professional resumes in acting/performing (stage/film/television/radio recording/commercials/children’s and corporate entertainment), as well as a commissioned and exhibiting artist (recently Janine was one of five local artists to have her work awarded a 5 year exhibit residency at Peterborough Municipal Offices).

Janine finds clay work to be the most organic and serene of all her endeavours; connecting to ancient roots, yet opening to the infinite realm of possibility. As an instructor she relishes sharing this vast exploration with others.

Priya HardingPriya Harding

Priya has worked in both pottery and education since the 1980s. Her home studio, “Windring”, specialized in mid-range porcelain functional ware, and she has given workshops and classes in pottery to young people from 6 to 14.

With 24 years of experience teaching a wide range of subjects in both English and French, Priya continues to enjoy sharing her love of clay and learning.

Priya is teaching our after school sessions.

For more information and to see a selection of her pottery, visit Priya’s Guild Member page.

Darlene Malcolm-Moran

Darlene Malcolm-Moran graduated from Sheridan College in 1976 with an Applied Arts & Crafts Diploma in Ceramics/Design. Darlene continues to pursue all aspects of ceramics and is pleased to share this knowledge.

Beauty, form, function and fine craftsmanship are all equally very important to every piece of pottery that she creates. Darlene enjoys teaching stimulating pottery classes where she encourages the participants to develop ideas and to have fun!

Scott WalkerScott Walker

After having completed both Primary and Secondary School education in Peterborough, Scott Walker attended post-secondary school at Sheridan College School of Design in the early 1970’s. Scott was involved in many qualitative, enriching design, and art-based courses. It was the Ceramic Studio, however, which he found most captivating.

Returning to Peterborough in the mid 1970’s, Scott spent the next two years apprenticing with Robert Kavanagh (Earth and Fire Workshop), where he was able to put his new- found knowledge to practical use and further his pottery education.

During the 1980’s and early ‘90’s Scott was a full-time potter but found himself doing other things of interest, namely carpentry work and house building.

Over the last decade pottery has regained its place as a dominant passion, and Scott has rekindled his desire to full-time pottery making.

Inspired by traditional pottery from Japan, China and Europe, Scott’s pottery (Walker & Co) draws heavily on classical form elements with its clean, bold lines. On light coloured stoneware and white porcelain clay bodies the safe and functional glazes range from jade greens and blues to rich brick reds and burgundies. The glaze palette reflects the rich colours that surround us in our natural environment. All of Scott’s pottery is safe for domestic use from oven to table to dishwasher.