Shop By Potter

  • Carved black and red pendant with a bicycle by Ann Hobday

    Ann Hobday

  • Wall hanging made up of 9 mounted square tiles, glazed in splashes of red and taupe and wood fired - Ann Randeraad

    Ann Randeraad

  • Horse hair and feather naked raku vase with an orange hue - Anne Young

    Anne Young

  • Carolyn Cisco's Pottery

    Carolyn Cisco

  • Cathy Allen's Pottery

    Cathy Allen

  • Decorative carved pit fired vase, polished black - Dan Ferguson

    Dan Ferguson

  • Darlene Malcolm-Moran's Pottery

    Darlene Malcolm-Moran

  • Deep bowl with red brown and white glazes, turning gold where overlapping - David Baker

    David Baker

  • Small bowl with deep red exterior and lip and clear off white interior - Dawn Guillemette

    Dawn Guillemette

  • small white vase with blue and green banding at shoulder and lip - George Stewart

    George Stewart

  • Handbuilt square plate textured with honeycomb and glazed green and yellow gold on the diagonal - Heather Brooks

    Heather Brooks

  • Jane Turner's Pottery

    Jane Turner

  • Berry bowl and tray painted with fine green leafed vines and glazed in teal - Jeanne Cook

    Jeanne Cook

  • John and Carole Bandurchin's Pottery

    John and Carole Bandurchin

  • June Goodwin's Pottery

    June Goodwin

  • Bowl with holes and rests for chopsticks glazed in sandy yellow over red clay - Karen Hjort-Jensen

    Karen Hjort-Jensen

  • maple syrup pitcher in amber glaze with maple leaves carved in relief - Karina Bates

    Karina Bates

  • Kristina Albright's Pottery

    Kristina Albright

  • Lillian Forester's Pottery

    Lillian Forester

  • green mug with wax resist white pine trees showing red clay - Liz Sine

    Liz Sine

  • Lucia McHardy's Pottery

    Lucia McHardy

  • hand built and textured vase glazed in light yellow, blue and copper with curled handles - Margrit Beesley

    Margrit Beesley

  • white mug banded with three green stripes and dots - Maureen Reed

    Maureen Reed

  • hand built square plate with painted leprechaun hat - Noreen Ogawa

    Noreen Ogawa

  • goblet with exterior carving and runny glaze over rust matt glaze - Paul Keelan

    Paul Keelan

  • Priya Harding's Pottery

    Priya Harding

  • yarn bowl with cutout and holes with black slip carved through and a semi matt clear glaze on speckled clay - Sara Purves

    Sara Purves

  • hand built ornament with texture in light translucent blue glaze - Tanya Couch

    Tanya Couch

  • Light blue shallow bowl - Vicki Kilner

    Vicki Kilner

  • berry bowl and tray with black swoosh lines and peachy glaze breaking yellow - Wendy Spencer

    Wendy Spencer

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