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During the January 2021 lockdown, our online store is open and we can offer curbside pickup and shipping. 

Our new online store is only a few months old now but has seen brisk traffic.  We are still learning how to work with it, so please bear with us as we sort out the kinks.  Pottery is a very personal and tactile medium and we understand that it can be more difficult to shop for pottery online by just looking at the picture.  We have tried to include descriptions and extra photos where appropriate so you can have a better idea about the piece you’ve fallen in love with.  Please note that different computers, tablets and phones can display colours differently, so the colours in the photos may not be exactly representative of the piece you receive.  Also, while we may offer more than one of an item, please remember that these pieces are all hand made and some differences in size, shape or glaze may happen between items that are ostensibly the same.  

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Shop Online by Potter

  • Carved black and red pendant with a bicycle by Ann Hobday

    Ann Hobday

  • Wall hanging made up of 9 mounted square tiles, glazed in splashes of red and taupe and wood fired - Ann Randeraad

    Ann Randeraad

  • Horse hair and feather naked raku vase with an orange hue - Anne Young

    Anne Young

  • Carolyn Cisco's Pottery

    Carolyn Cisco

  • Cathy Allen's Pottery

    Cathy Allen

  • Decorative carved pit fired vase, polished black - Dan Ferguson

    Dan Ferguson

  • Darlene Malcolm-Moran's Pottery

    Darlene Malcolm-Moran

  • Deep bowl with red brown and white glazes, turning gold where overlapping - David Baker

    David Baker

  • Small bowl with deep red exterior and lip and clear off white interior - Dawn Guillemette

    Dawn Guillemette

  • small white vase with blue and green banding at shoulder and lip - George Stewart

    George Stewart

  • Handbuilt square plate textured with honeycomb and glazed green and yellow gold on the diagonal - Heather Brooks

    Heather Brooks

  • Jane Turner's Pottery

    Jane Turner

  • Berry bowl and tray painted with fine green leafed vines and glazed in teal - Jeanne Cook

    Jeanne Cook

  • John and Carole Bandurchin's Pottery

    John and Carole Bandurchin

  • June Goodwin's Pottery

    June Goodwin

  • Bowl with holes and rests for chopsticks glazed in sandy yellow over red clay - Karen Hjort-Jensen

    Karen Hjort-Jensen

  • maple syrup pitcher in amber glaze with maple leaves carved in relief - Karina Bates

    Karina Bates

  • Kristina Albright's Pottery

    Kristina Albright

  • Lillian Forester's Pottery

    Lillian Forester

  • green mug with wax resist white pine trees showing red clay - Liz Sine

    Liz Sine

  • Lucia McHardy's Pottery

    Lucia McHardy

  • hand built and textured vase glazed in light yellow, blue and copper with curled handles - Margrit Beesley

    Margrit Beesley

  • white mug banded with three green stripes and dots - Maureen Reed

    Maureen Reed

  • hand built square plate with painted leprechaun hat - Noreen Ogawa

    Noreen Ogawa

  • goblet with exterior carving and runny glaze over rust matt glaze - Paul Keelan

    Paul Keelan

  • Priya Harding's Pottery

    Priya Harding

  • yarn bowl with cutout and holes with black slip carved through and a semi matt clear glaze on speckled clay - Sara Purves

    Sara Purves

  • hand built ornament with texture in light translucent blue glaze - Tanya Couch

    Tanya Couch

  • Light blue shallow bowl - Vicki Kilner

    Vicki Kilner

  • berry bowl and tray with black swoosh lines and peachy glaze breaking yellow - Wendy Spencer

    Wendy Spencer

shopping at the KPG Gallery
These ladies found some lovely items for a wedding present

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And it isn’t just pottery!  We have glass and silver  jewelery, beautiful pens, hand woven bags, shawls and scarves as well as gourds.

We are happy to have the Peterborough Weavers’ and Spinners’ Guild, the Kawartha Woodturners and the Kawartha Gourders in our gallery.  This means that we have a variety of quality hand made work available when you come to visit.

The guild is a non-profit to promote the ceramic arts.  The guild takes a commission from all sales in the Pottery Shop to cover the costs of operating the guild with rest going to the artist.

Kawartha Potters' Guild