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Gwen MacDonald

Artist Statement

Gwen MacDonald is a potter living, working, and enjoying life in the Kawarthas. She was born  at a very young age to the Farmer in the Dell who encouraged her to play in the mud and muck – hence Mudslinger was born!

Her work is whimsical and  elegantly simple always reflecting her ever-present sense of humour. Influenced by Mother Nature and her childhood memories of rural farm life, Gwen’s work is highly functional occupying the space between practical and decorative.

When Gwen suffered a bad fall at work, her skills as a potter became finely honed as her recovery strategy included daily mud playing which was just the therapy Gwen needed to survive more than a year of pain and suffering. She truly believes it doesn’t matter what happens to you, if you can laugh and not take yourself too seriously, you have half the battle won! You can find this sense of humour and perspective on life as a thread in Gwen’s work through whimsical carvings and brightly coloured glazes.

Gwen considers herself a caffeine dependent life form, a pottery addict, and avid motorcycle enthusiast. (She was addicted to the hokey pokey, but she turned herself around).

Her work is available at the guild at from her own website (below).

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