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Lucia McHardy

Artist’s Statement

Lucia McHardy is a graduate of Sheridan College School of Design, and an active member of Kawartha Potter’s Guild. All her pots are hand built. This is a slow process, which she finds meditative and satisfying. Her main intent is to bring grace and vitality to her work.

It’s hard not to be influenced by the rigid precision of mass produced ceramics that flood the stores and our lives. Lucia is in an ongoing process of seeking texture and decoration unique to the hand building process, and attempting to combine it with complementary forms.

Lucia lives on a large expanse of bush and marsh in Ontario’s Kawartha Lakes region. She finds that living in the country reduces the influence of commercial goods on her work, and gives her more freedom to explore alternatives. The wildness of the land provides her with subject matter, inspiration and peace.



Kawartha Potters' Guild