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KPG Keeping Busy with Trillium Project

Members of the Kawartha Potters Guild have been busy since before Christmas making Trilliums for Peterborough’s Ceremony on April 9th marking the 100th anniversary of the Battle of Vimy Ridge.  The guild is making 584 white trilliums which represent the number of people from the city, county and local First Nations who were killed during the war.  Sixteen red-painted trilliums will symbolize the local lives lost at Vimy Ridge from April 9 to 11, 1917.

Below are some images to show the work that is going into each one of these sculptures.  Teams have been set up and members come in at certain days to roll, cut, shape and assemble the trilliums.  They even have a bit of a competition going to see who can make the most in one session!  (I think the record is 45 so far).

The Kawartha Potters’ Guild is proud to be part of this celebration.

Click here to read a recent article in the Peterborough Examiner.

Would you like to purchase a Trillium?

The trilliums are available for purchase or sponsorship for $30 a piece. Anyone who buys a flower can take it home after the ceremony. Those who sponsor trilliums will get a tax receipt and the flower will be left open for others to purchase.  Half of the money raised will be used to repair the masonry base at the war memorial and the remainder will be used to enhance government treatment sources for veterans and their families.

NOTE: To purchase or sponsor a trillium, call City Hall at 705-742-7777 or email Bernadette Lawler at . To send personal stories for the service, email Coun. Henry Clarke at .


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