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Holiday Profile – Dorothy Meddows-Taylor

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Dorothy Meddows-Taylor specializes in wheel thrown & hand painted animal mugs. Her inspiration comes from wildlife local to Ontario. During our Spring sales she paints young animals with their parents, and adult animals in Fall/Winter scenes for our Holiday sales.

Dorothy is a graduate of the Haliburtion School of Fine Arts Ceramic program, and a studio member at the Kawartha Potters Guild. This Holiday sale is her second, and we’re excited to see what animal mugs she brings to the sale.

Come see Dorothy’s and almost 30 other member potters’ work this weekend, Nov 29 – Dec. 1.  Check our news section or main page for details.

Tall white mug with painting of a chickadee - Dorothy Meddows-Taylor
Dorothy Meddows-Taylor
Mug with deer by Dorothy Meddows-Taylor
Dorothy Meddows-Taylor

Holiday Profile – Kelly Zatorski

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“For me, pottery allows for an escape from a busy life – finding the creative process to be meditative and therapeutic, I look forward to any chance to get on the wheel. I am inspired by modern design and love clean lines and a simple palette. I look forward to seeing some familiar faces at the sale!”
Come visit Kelly and almost 30 other potters this weekend at 993 Talwood.  We open at 2 pm tomorrow afternoon!
Small bowls and tumblers in muted palettes - Kelly ZatorskiThe pure white of bisqued work before glaze, stacked bowls and tumblers - Kelly Zatorski

Holiday Profile – Ann Randeraad

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Ann Randeraad is a clay artist, who is predominantly self taught. She has been throwing and building with clay for about 25 years. Her passion for clay has grown year by year, as clay offers an absolutely endless opportunity of learning possibilities.  Her works are mostly functional She has transitioned from electric firing to wood firing and now glaze fires with wood alone. This method of firing is very labour intensive, but it is very rewarding.
Come see Ann’s and almost 30 other talented potters’ work at our Talwood location this weekend, beginning tomorrow at 2pm!
Tall wood fired, scale textured bowl - Ann RanderaadShallow wood fired bowl with beige, brown and reddish accents - Ann Randeraad

Holiday Profile – Ann Hobday

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“I have been experimenting in clay and taught ceramics as part of Visual Arts in secondary school for two decades. Since retirement I have switched to hand building in stoneware. Being outdoors keeps me grounded and in tune with earth’s rhythms. I look for ways to incorporate nature themes and motifs in functional slab plates, bowls, bird houses/feeders, seasonal ornaments and jewelry. I miss teaching. Recently, I volunteered to share handbuilding techniques with adults of all ages. Ceramics and teaching is keeping me excited about life. “

Long white tray with dragonflies and green leaves - Ann HobdayGreen rectangular tray with bicycle decoration - Ann HobdayLight blue bowl with leaf impression - Ann Hobday

Holiday Profile – Jeanne Cook

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Jeanne enjoys working in many different media and has been potting off and on for quite some time.  She started working with mud at the Potters’ Studio in Toronto, concentrating on functional pieces. When Jeanne moved to Peterborough she thought her potting days were over, but then she discovered the Kawartha Potters’ Guild and was hooked again. She enjoy painting simple designs on my pots, like holly, birds, flowers, and leaves.  Her work is precise and detailed and always a hit.  You will find her work and many more potters this coming weekend Nov 29 – Dec 1 at our Talwood location.

Dark blue berry bowl with tray - Jeanne CookSquare tray, teal with dark green vine leaves - Jeanne CookDark blue butter dish - Jeanne Cook

Holiday Profile – JoAnne Connell-Northey

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“I have been able to enjoy making pottery for many years.  My main focus is functional pottery, which is ovenproof and dishwasher safe.  I also enjoy making decorative raku pottery and sculpture.

Living on a farm allows me to appreciate the peaceful countryside, beautiful old barns, the wildflowers, and the many lakes in this area, which I often portray on my pottery.  Family, friends and travel are all very important to me.”

Come see JoAnne’s as well as almost 30 other potters in this coming weekend’s annual sale – Nov 29-Dec. 1.

Bowl with painted farm scene - JoAnne Connell-NortheyMetallic green raku piece - JoAnne Connell-Northey

Holiday Profile – Priya Harding

Promo rack card for Priya Harding

Priya first trained informally in the late 1970s, in high-fire porcelain. Soon after, she set up her own studio, to make wheel-thrown mid-fire porcelain and stoneware.

Throwing and working on brushwork and sgraffito designs are her pottery loves. Years and workshops later, Priya still finds much to explore. She is currently building on work she began while part of FUSION’s 2016-17 Creative Directions program to bring colour to her pieces.

Priya’s work was among those selected for the 2018 Kawartha Potters Guild juried exhibition at the Art Gallery of Peterborough. Creating functional pieces that are a pleasure to hold, look at, and use continues to be her primary goal.

Only a few more sleeps now until the sale and we know Priya and the rest of our potters are in a frenzie to get everything finished.  We look forward to seeing you next weekend!

Large white bowl with painted poppies - Priya HardingTall black and smoke blue tumbler - Priya Harding

Holiday Profile – Jo Ryan

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In her own words: “I was an Arts Educator for 33 years. I have honed my craft both in the classroom and in workshops under the guidance of many gifted potters. I work in slab, treating the clay like a piece of paper where I manipulate shapes, textures and eventually colour to create surface tension, rhythm and for the most part, informal balance.  At that point I consider function and complete the vessel.”

Jo will be joining our other potters at our Holiday Sale.  Come visit us and find out why our sale is a Peterborough tradition.

Green divided chip/dip platter - Jo RyanDk blue oval tray with handles - Jo RyanSquare green textured plate - Jo Ryan

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