Happy Holidays from KPG!

Peacock raku ornament by Heathyr Francis

We are now closed for the holidays and would like to take this opportunity to thank our customers and students for making us more successful than we could have hoped for when we first moved in to Talwood in 2012.  We would also like to thank our staff who keep the guild working, and our volunteers who really are the back bone of any guild – from those who wash floors and windows to those who spend hours on the board of directors.  We will be open again on Tuesday January 7, 2020 and our classes for the remainder of the 8 week session, will begin that week as well.  Should you need to reach us over the holidays you can email Donna, our Administrator, or leave a phone message at 705-742-4979.  We will get back to you as soon as we are able.  

We hope that you have a wonderful holiday, however you celebrate.

Our Xmas tree decorated with hand made ornaments

Last Day for Shopping at KPG!

Our Xmas tree decorated with hand made ornaments

The Guild Pottery Shop is open today 11 – 5 p.m. for your last minute gift shopping!  We have many great gift items from mugs for your coffee & tea drinkers to wine goblets, platters, teapots, coffee filter holders, tablet and phone stands, tree ornaments, vases, jewelry, gift cards (made by our members) and much more.  We still carry items from the other members of the Artisans’ Centre; the Kawartha Woodturners Guild, the Gourd Society and the Spinners and Weavers Guild.  If you can’t decide, we have gift certificates that don’t expire and are good for any product or service we offer.  Our knowledgeable volunteers can help you with your decisions. 

Our gift cards made by members and a selection of potteryMug wall showing examples of all mugs we have in stock




Display of colourful woven scarves and pots





Welcome to Donna O’Brien

We would like to take this opportunity to introduce our new Administrator, Donna O’Brien.  Donna and Clara are working together this week to get Donna up to speed.  So if you are looking for an answer regarding classes or from the admin office, please allow some extra time during this transition.  You can reach Donna through all the regular channels at the Guild.  

We would also like to thank Clara for all the work she has done in her time as admin, including the extra hours and work outside of her job description; everything that helps keep our Guild moving.  She was given small tokens of our appreciation at our regular Christmas social that happened this past Monday.  Clara will be returning to university in the new year and we wish the best of luck in her studies.

Clara receiving a gift from board member Lina Laplante

Holiday Profile – Dorothy Meddows-Taylor

Promo rack card for Dorothy Meddows-Taylor

Dorothy Meddows-Taylor specializes in wheel thrown & hand painted animal mugs. Her inspiration comes from wildlife local to Ontario. During our Spring sales she paints young animals with their parents, and adult animals in Fall/Winter scenes for our Holiday sales.

Dorothy is a graduate of the Haliburtion School of Fine Arts Ceramic program, and a studio member at the Kawartha Potters Guild. This Holiday sale is her second, and we’re excited to see what animal mugs she brings to the sale.

Come see Dorothy’s and almost 30 other member potters’ work this weekend, Nov 29 – Dec. 1.  Check our news section or main page for details.

Tall white mug with painting of a chickadee - Dorothy Meddows-Taylor
Dorothy Meddows-Taylor
Mug with deer by Dorothy Meddows-Taylor
Dorothy Meddows-Taylor

KPG Annual Sale a Holiday Tradition!

Rack card for 2019 holiday sale

Our popular Holiday sale runs this weekend from Friday, Nov 29 – Sunday, Dec 1, 2019.  Our doors open at 2 pm sharp on Friday till 8 pm.  Saturday we are open from 10 am – 5 pm and Sunday 11 am – 4 pm.  The sales committee has worked really hard this year to bring you a fabulous show with almost 30 potters – all of whom you can look at in our Featured Potters section or on our Facebook page.  Along with our show potters, you will find some of our other members’ work in our Shop, as well as work from members of the Artisan’s Centre (Kawartha Woodturners Guild, Kawartha Gourders and the Peterborough Spinners & Weavers Guild).  

If you haven’t been to our Talwood location before, it heads west off Goodfellow and there is really good parking behind the building.  Our main entrance is from that parking lot.

We will be offering refreshments and have demonstrations as well throughout the weekend.  

We look forward to seeing you.

Tall white mug with painting of a chickadee - Dorothy Meddows-Taylor
Dorothy Meddows-Taylor
Small bowls and tumblers in muted palettes - Kelly Zatorski
Kelly Zatorski
Shallow wood fired bowl with beige, brown and reddish accents - Ann Randeraad
Ann Randeraad
Green rectangular tray with bicycle decoration - Ann Hobday
Ann Hobday
3 footed pedestal bowl in light blue & cream - Darlynne Colmer
Darlynne Colmer
Chip & Dip platter in greys - Heather Brooks
Heather Brooks






Square tray, teal with dark green vine leaves - Jeanne Cook

Blue plate with cheese knife - Forester
Lillian Forester
Black pitcher and matching goblets - Bandurchin
Carole & John Bandurchin

Jeanne Cook

Bowl with painted farm scene - JoAnne Connell-Northey
JoAnne Connell-Northey





Covered jar with blue glaze and cracked textured treatment - Malcolm-Moran

3 mugs decorated with queen anne's lace imprint in different colours
Ginny Clark

Darlene Malcolm-Moran

Light gold and black horsehair & feather raku - Anne Young
Anne Young

Blue milk jug with wax relief leaves, gas fired - Dan Hill
Dan Hill

Dk blue oval tray with handles - Jo Ryan
Jo Ryan

Pottery leaf plate - Diane Hancock
Diane Hancock
Painted plate - Karina Bates
Karina Bates
Blue textured bear xmas ornament
Sara Purves







Fish painted on a platter by Brenda Sullivan
Brenda Sullivan
Large white bowl with painted poppies - Priya Harding
Priya Harding


Holiday Profile – Kelly Zatorski

Promo rack card for Kelly Zatorski
“For me, pottery allows for an escape from a busy life – finding the creative process to be meditative and therapeutic, I look forward to any chance to get on the wheel. I am inspired by modern design and love clean lines and a simple palette. I look forward to seeing some familiar faces at the sale!”
Come visit Kelly and almost 30 other potters this weekend at 993 Talwood.  We open at 2 pm tomorrow afternoon!
Small bowls and tumblers in muted palettes - Kelly ZatorskiThe pure white of bisqued work before glaze, stacked bowls and tumblers - Kelly Zatorski

Holiday Profile – Ann Randeraad

Promo rack card for Ann Randeraad
Ann Randeraad is a clay artist, who is predominantly self taught. She has been throwing and building with clay for about 25 years. Her passion for clay has grown year by year, as clay offers an absolutely endless opportunity of learning possibilities.  Her works are mostly functional She has transitioned from electric firing to wood firing and now glaze fires with wood alone. This method of firing is very labour intensive, but it is very rewarding.
Come see Ann’s and almost 30 other talented potters’ work at our Talwood location this weekend, beginning tomorrow at 2pm!
Tall wood fired, scale textured bowl - Ann RanderaadShallow wood fired bowl with beige, brown and reddish accents - Ann Randeraad

Holiday Profile – Ann Hobday

Promo rack card for Ann Hobday
“I have been experimenting in clay and taught ceramics as part of Visual Arts in secondary school for two decades. Since retirement I have switched to hand building in stoneware. Being outdoors keeps me grounded and in tune with earth’s rhythms. I look for ways to incorporate nature themes and motifs in functional slab plates, bowls, bird houses/feeders, seasonal ornaments and jewelry. I miss teaching. Recently, I volunteered to share handbuilding techniques with adults of all ages. Ceramics and teaching is keeping me excited about life. “

Long white tray with dragonflies and green leaves - Ann HobdayGreen rectangular tray with bicycle decoration - Ann HobdayLight blue bowl with leaf impression - Ann Hobday

Holiday Profile – Jeanne Cook

Promo rack card for Jeanne Cook
Jeanne enjoys working in many different media and has been potting off and on for quite some time.  She started working with mud at the Potters’ Studio in Toronto, concentrating on functional pieces. When Jeanne moved to Peterborough she thought her potting days were over, but then she discovered the Kawartha Potters’ Guild and was hooked again. She enjoy painting simple designs on my pots, like holly, birds, flowers, and leaves.  Her work is precise and detailed and always a hit.  You will find her work and many more potters this coming weekend Nov 29 – Dec 1 at our Talwood location.

Dark blue berry bowl with tray - Jeanne CookSquare tray, teal with dark green vine leaves - Jeanne CookDark blue butter dish - Jeanne Cook
Kawartha Potters' Guild