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Holiday Sale Profile – Brenda Sullivan

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Brenda’s creations are based on natural elements that pre-date recorded history. Dragons, Mythology,
and a touch of Art Nouveau are found in a variety of pieces that Brenda creates. She has both feet firmly
planted in the ceramics world, one in funk-tional, the other in sculpture.

Brenda continues to expand her repertoire , testing new forms and ideas. She will continue to grow her
new series “Jelly Bean Row Pots” based on the colourful houses from her Newfoundland origins. Nature
inspired sculptures are always on the horizon of possibilities.

You will find Brenda’s and 27 other potters’ work at our Annual Holiday Sale, November 29 – December 1, 2019 at our Talwood location.


East Coast Dory by Brenda SullivanBlue dragon teapot by Brenda SullivanFish painted on a platter by Brenda Sullivan

Helen Vanya

Helen Vanya's burgundy raku fired pot

A graduate from Sheridan College, majoring in ceramics and design, Helen Vanya has her studio under the name of Forma Pottery.  It is located in Havelock, Ontario.

She works with Cone 10 Porcelain, and her Raku, functional and decorative pieces are fired in a reduction kiln.  She is a popular potter at our annual shows.

Melanie Daniels

Melanie Daniel's white covered casserole dish

Melanie Daniels loves handmade items and after touching clay was hooked. Clay has certainly been the most challenging and exciting medium that she has worked with. The idea of starting with a piece of clay and ending with a teapot, bowl, or other piece of pottery is very appealing. 

Pottery lends itself beautifully to someone who wants to try new things.

Raku Weekend

Thanks Lillian and George for a great day!  A group of our members got together for a Raku Firing at Lillian’s place.  A few first time people new to the art of Raku, but everyone had a great day and there are some lovely pots to show off now.

Meet Natalie

Natalie Thornhill is one of our new instructors.  She has been teaching the Flex classes this summer, but I’m sure we will be seeing more of her in the fall.


natalie-teapotIn 2013 Natalie completed formal training through the Ceramics Certificate program at Haliburton School of Arts. Today, when Natalie is not working on her art, you may find her digging as an archaeologist and teaching at Fleming and Centennial Colleges in Ontario.

We welcome her to the guild.  To read more about her background, you can visit our Instructor page.

Take a look at one of her lovely teapots (right).

Visit to Bailey Pottery in New York

While on a road trip to New York City recently, member Mary Sullivan made a detour to Bailey Pottery Equipment in the lovely town (or city) of Kingston, New York.  What a beautiful place.  They have a small showroom where you can look around and see some of the thousands of items in their catalogue, and their offices are filled with original ceramic works by famous (I’m sure) artists from all over.

It was worth the visit!