To Teach, To Learn, To Share

Chris Snedden

It was a great day, with Chris showing us a few techniques first for decoration using images from a newspaper, outlining it with slip and then painting accents, and applying it to clay.

We also learned a technique in which we put underglaze onto stamps and then stamped those onto paper and applied other colours over that. When reversed, you had the details from the stamp in the foreground and the highlighting colours in the background.

Then Chris finally showed us the technique of silkscreen onto clay (or paper, for use later). We had previously sent Chris images for him to burn onto our screens and he first did a demonstration of how we would apply different emulsion in future. Then one by one we all printed a couple of copies of the images on our screens.

It was really interesting to see what types of images everyone had, and we came away with some fun ideas, and a screen and a squeegee!

Kawartha Potters' Guild