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Class Exhibit on Now!

KPG Intermediate/Advanced Pottery Classes Exhibit will be on display at the Kawartha Potters Guild from November 11th – 26th, 2019. The students in these classes have used more than a dozen different decorating techniques: slip trailing, water etching, paper resist, sprigging, chattering, roller stamped, sodium silicate, paddled, marbled, sgraffito, graffito, silk screening, brush painting & bubble glaze. Please take time to view this display of pottery that these talented potters have made.  The exhibit is open for viewing during regular Pottery Shop hours.

Participating KPG Students

Robert Brown, Jacquie Cole, Deb Craven, Clara Doucette, Kathy Ferguson, Bev Haun, Kristy Hiltz, Jean Johnson, Paul Keelan, Vicky Kilner, Rosa McBee, Don Michie, Kevin Middel, Sara Purves, Liz Sine, Judith Rioux-Wilson.

Exhibit pieces showing silk screen techniquesExhibit - white slip trailing on red clay plate







Exhibit - black graffito technique on white clay





Exhibit - examples of clay marbleing

Exhibit - example of paddled decoration with beige glaze on red clay

Kawartha Potters' Guild