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Dan Hill Soda Firing Workshop in Wilno

Our member, Dan Hill will be hosting two – 2-day Soda Firing Workshops. Workshop dates are July 4th & 5th and August. 29th & 30th.

Dan Throwing
Dan Throwing

Workshop participants will bring 8-10 pieces of bisque ware made from a ^6 clay body to Hill Pottery Studio where, with my input, they will decorate and glaze their pieces using my slips and glazes. The decorated works will then be strategically loaded into  2 gas fired kilns. One of the kilns is a 7 cu. ft. converted electric and the other is a 30 cu. ft. downdraft.

During the second day of the workshop we will fire off the 2 kilns and I will discuss and demonstrate the techniques and aesthetics involved in the production of Soda Fired Pottery. The movement of flame and soda within the kiln will impart itself on the clay and glazed surfaces with subtleties of colour and texture that will breath life into your ceramic work.

For more information, please contact Dan Hill.  Here is the Firing Itinerary for the workshop, and the Workshop Information.



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