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2021 Holiday Sale Profile – Priya Harding

I first met clay in the late 1970s, and have loved it ever since. Many years and workshops later, I still practise, fail, experiment, and explore. The flow of throwing, and then the creative work of painting and incising designs remain my passions. The designs of bright poppies, sunny lemons, and fish among water weeds that I am playing with now originated in efforts to bring more colour to my pieces during FUSION’s 2016-17 Creative Directions programme. Since then a KPG group trip to Korea in 2018 and memories of places like Portugal, southern France, and the northern shores of Lake Superior have all influenced my work. My love for clay continues, as does my intent to create pottery that is both functional and a pleasure for the senses.

Porcelain tumbler with blue painted feather - Priya HardingRed Poppies painted on porcelain honey pot - Priya Harding









Porcelain butter dish painted with cobalt grains - Priya HardingBlue and Black glazed pitcher - Priya Harding

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