To Teach, To Learn, To Share

January Guild Happenings

This has been a most satisfying month at our Talwood home.  Classes are starting to fill up. Folks are dropping in during the day to browse the gallery, have a look at our home and share a cup of tea. Most exciting, clay, instead of gallery and studio logistics, is becoming our focus.

For starters, Caroline Cisco has spent more than a few hours using the pug mill and patience to reclaim clay for guild use. Following Monday night’s regular monthly business meeting, members donned their aprons, rolled up their sleeves and made a pile of mugs – some thrown and some hand built. Tuesday, a few members returned to trim bottoms and attach handles. It was an afternoon of blissful collaborative work. Some quiet, some chatter, some laughter and lots of discussion and sharing.

George and I took the liberty of signing each finished mug with KPG. Hopefully this will be the beginning of our guild ware line. And even if these first pieces don’t make it past the standards committee, their production is testament to our purpose.

Three cheers for our guild!
Jackie Hodge

Kawartha Potters' Guild