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Studios – Lee-Ann Choquette

We converted the workshop in our home’s basement into my pottery workshop. The only thing it is missing is a window, and a waterfront view (haha). I am very lucky to have this space.

The image below is of an open door made of lattice. Ahead is my wheel, sink and far right a handy workbench. Front right is a desk that doubles up as a wedging table.Looking towards the door

This is the entrance to my pottery room. Yes, it is filled with all things you would expect a potter to have, but it also has some pretty special touches that make it me and mine. Like the lattice door, mentioned above. My husband made the door to keep the cat and dog out so things wouldn’t get all furred up. He could have just made a solid door, but he didn’t because he wanted me to be able to see out into the rest of the basement. It also comes complete with an antique door handle we picked up in Belleville.

We combined a whack of old white/off-white paint we had kicking around, and did the walls in white to keep it bright, and did the trim in some old purple we had just for a splash of colour. The door handles were from the Re-Store and just happened to be purple too. Yikes.

The room itself is filled with special things like a glass ornament over my wheel which is shaped as a flip flop. My girlfriend proudly presented it to me as she knows I detest flipflops. But it was from her, it was made of glass, which I love, and it was it was art, and so of course I appreciated that.


A picture of my old pup Mia sits on a shelf, propped up against some underglazes. Gone now for over three years, I still like to see her picture. She used to come downstairs and stare at me through the pottery door.

For inspiration, I have pots I purchased from potters who have come to KPG meetings or workshops – like Bruce Cochrane and Simon Leech and Monica Johnson to name a few.

Usually CBC is playing on a small boom box I have. I especially love The art of Persuasion; Vinyl Cafe, Q, and The Debaters. But every once in a while, I go to my collection of musicals and fire in The Lion King; the Sound of Music; Showboat or Phantom of the Opera.

It is my special place to reatreat to, and it is bright, functional, fun and mostly all mine. (Except for a few tools, the canoe and camping gear, and the stained glass tools and materials).

As you look through the doorway you see may awesome stainless sink. My husband installed it just about two years ago now, and every time I go down there to work I tell him how much I love my sink. Prior to that I lugged rinse water up 13 basement stairs, walked through the garage, and to the outdoors.

He has also built me all kinds of shelving space. (Of course it is shared with some tools, canoe and camping gear and stained glass materials, but more or less, the rest is all mine.

I have the wheel near the sink and shelves beside it for bats. I also have a huge workbench that doubles up as a place I can put pots to dry a bit, and then later I cover it up with plastic and use the bench as a glaze area.

I have a kiln and some shelves in another spot. A place for books, and a spot for coffee, tea. A perfect spot for me to work.

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