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Support KPG with Gift Certificates!

The KPG is a not-for-profit organization run mainly by volunteers.  With the onset of Covid19, like many other small businesses, we have had to close our doors to not only our customers, but our students, staff, teachers and members.  Our over head costs, while being negotiated in these uncertain times, are still pending, while income has stopped.  For many of our member potters with work in our Store, they too have lost much of their income or ability to produce their art.  

Therefore, we would like to remind all our supporters that we have gift certificates.  We can fill these to any amount with no expiry date.  Our gift certificates apply to everything from purchases at our beautifully curated Pottery Shop, to classes, camps, workshops, mentorships and memberships.  Purchase of these gift certificates can be arranged by contacting our Administrator, Donna.  She can arrange for over the phone or etransfer payments, and will arrange to have these certificates delivered to you.  We offer these now with the hopes that we will soon be open again, meeting with all of you and playing with clay.   

Kawartha Potters' Guild