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2020 Holiday Sale Profile – Karina Bates

Karina (Horus Eye Pottery) has been an active potter for about 16 years and teaches at the Kawartha Potters Guild, when not managing her farm, or working in her studio. Her work is strongly influenced by medieval, and especially middle eastern designs and ornamentation. She also very much enjoys making reproduction pottery for the re-enactment community.
In 2016, Karina participated in the Fusion Mentorship program under Michelle Mendlowitz, and in 2018, she travelled to Icheon, Korea with 5 other members of the Guild, to learn techniques from Korean pottery masters. Also in 2018, Karina was accepted into the KPG Juried show at the Peterborough Art Gallery and was honoured to win the Design Award from Angelo di Petta.
You can find Karina’s work in our Pottery Shop, on her webpage (and via Facebook)  Karina is also part of two musical groups: Hardwood Cat and Hurly Burly.
The sale continues every day until December 23rd.  Book your appointment here or take your chances at the door (space is limited so booking an appointment is guaranteed).
bowl painted with blue, green and black slip and carved through in floral patterns - Karina Batessyrup jar with carved maple leaves - Karina Bates
Kawartha Potters' Guild