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2020 Holiday Sale Profile – Lillian Forester

Joining a neighbour at a pottery class has led Lillian to a lifetime love of clay.  She works only with porcelain clay after taking a week-long workshop with renown ceramic artist Harlan House.  Lillian enjoys the colours achieved by using a white clay.  Adding a little texture or some carving picks up surface details when her work is glazed.  It is always fun opening up the kiln.  Enjoy. 
Lillian also plays a vital role, as a volunteer and key founder of the guild. In 2018 she was recognized with a Lifetime Honorary Membership award.
Our sale runs every day until December 23rd.  Book a time to visit us here, or take your chances at the door (space is limited so we reserve the right to refuse entry until space is available).
plate and bowls in black and blue glaze - Lillian Forester
studio work in progress - Lillian Forester
bowl, butter dish and soap dispenser in pearlescent blue and yellow glaze - Lillian Foresterhand built tray, gravy boat and tumbler in pink and white glazes - Lillian Forester
Kawartha Potters' Guild