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Happy Anniversary or Happy Birthday?

KPG Gallery September 2013
KPG Gallery September 2013

Well, we have just reached a milestone at our new location today.  While we have been around for a few years now as a guild, today marks our first year in our new location.  It’s been a busy and productive year and we are so pleased that we took the plunge and moved into our new location.  We are paying our rent, our instructors and selling pottery.  And what is even more satisfying, we are teaching more and more people about the art of ceramics and what goes into the vessels that you drink out of, eat off of and admire your plants and flowers in.

We look forward to everyone visiting us at some point soon, and thank every one of our members for all their hard work in making our dream a reality and we wish ourselves a Happy something in our new home!

Kawartha Potters' Guild