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A Potter’s Tip

Taking Helpful Notes

Most potters today attend numerous workshops throughout the year, and demonstrations at guild meeting functions. There is so much wonderful info to keep track of!! Lots of people take notes, but I have a fun and easy way to keep a record of that valuable information that you can refer to regularly, which is both informative and visually appealing – notes with photos.

Any good quality sketchbook will do. I found ones which have lines on the bottom of the pages and blank space on the top. I take photos during the workshops, along with notes and space the notes evenly in my sketchbook to accommodate my interests and photos. I print my desired pics and use a glue stick insert along with the appropriate notes. It is a fantastic way to keep a good record of what you have learned.

Here are a few samples out of one of my sketchbooks.  Click on any image to see the full sized picture.

You’ll have fun going back through the pages to find a useful tip and even just to reminisce!

Cathy Allen

Kawartha Potters' Guild