To Teach, To Learn, To Share

Peterborough Garden Show

We had a great time participating in the Peterborough Garden Show this past weekend (April 8-10, 8 – 4pm at the Evinrude Centre). We demonstrate throwing and showing off some of what the Guild and the ACP can supply for one’s gardens.
Thank you to all that attended, and then came around to the gallery to shop!  We are happy to see everyone.

Thomas Aitken mixes things up

We normally know and love Thomas’s work for the flawlessness of it.  His functional pieces are a delight and envy for fellow potters.  His demonstration was a revelation though, as he was loosening things up and using found objects to create texture and with a throwing technique on a board, stretches and makes the textured piece thin enough to be a base of a bowl or platter.  The photos below show the technique that he employs.  No wonder potters like to collect all sorts of junk!

Click on any image below to enlarge the size.  Then you can scroll through the images.

Saturday Clay Club

Our Saturday Clay Club has been running for over a year now, and it is a big success.  For members only, you can come to the guild on a Saturday morning from 9:30 – 12:30.  The cost is  $10 per session but it is a good way to share your ideas, or work through a problem, or just throw in the company of like-minded people.  Here are some photos of the last clay club.  Click on any image to see it full size.

A Potter’s Tip

Taking Helpful Notes

Most potters today attend numerous workshops throughout the year, and demonstrations at guild meeting functions. There is so much wonderful info to keep track of!! Lots of people take notes, but I have a fun and easy way to keep a record of that valuable information that you can refer to regularly, which is both informative and visually appealing – notes with photos.

Any good quality sketchbook will do. I found ones which have lines on the bottom of the pages and blank space on the top. I take photos during the workshops, along with notes and space the notes evenly in my sketchbook to accommodate my interests and photos. I print my desired pics and use a glue stick insert along with the appropriate notes. It is a fantastic way to keep a good record of what you have learned.

Here are a few samples out of one of my sketchbooks.  Click on any image to see the full sized picture.

You’ll have fun going back through the pages to find a useful tip and even just to reminisce!

Cathy Allen

Working on our Christmas Wares!

Heathyr Francis and Colin Hoag are the team that make up Place in Nature Studios.  They are working hard at creating some magical toad houses which will delight and enchant you.  Below are Heathyr and Colin working to make some pieces for our upcoming Christmas show.   And below that is a video of a Raku in progress!

As Hearthyr explains about their workspace.

As you can see, we work around the clock in our sun porch and garage. This is getting increasingly difficult at this time of year with less and less daylight and colder temperatures. We are looking to migrate indoors or fix up the sun porch so we can work til December or so in that space. I think January and February might be just too cold much work out there.

Raku – great music!

Pit Fire Event

Our annual pit firing took place Saturday evening, July 5th at Dan Ferguson’s farm. Dan had the pit prepared and we all had fun helping setting our pots on their bed of sawdust and straw and watching Dan make the final tweaks before we covered them with another layer of straw and dried cow manure and wood.

While the fire roared we sat around and enjoyed a typical yummy guild potluck supper.

Saturday morning we went back to find our beautiful pots in the ashes. We really appreciate Dan sharing his skills and facilities with the guild.

~ Jackie Hodge

Kawartha Potters' Guild