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Pit Fire & Tail Gate Party

The guild’s first-ever pit-fire and tailgate party. What an amazing experience. Eight guild members and a guest met at Dan Ferguson’s farm on a Friday evening to try our hand at doing a pit-fire. Dan directed us to the back of the farm to the “valley”. We had to drive through fields to get there. He then took us step-by-step as to how he prepares and completes the pit. He gently placed all of our work in the pit, slowly covered the work and then ignited the whole thing. It smoked for a while and then burned brightly. After the initial burst of flames, he then covered the pit with sheet metal to burn over night. We then opened up the tailgates of two of the vans and enjoyed a sumptuous dinner. One van had the main course and the other had desert and, of course, wine. Great potluck dinner as usual.

We then returned at noon the following day. The coals had completely cooled down so that we were able to retrieve the pieces without getting burned. And what a surprise. We all got the most gorgeous colours. First piece out was Dan’s bologna pot – he got lots of reds from whatever is in bologna. Thanks to Dan for giving us the wonderful opportunity to try something different. Another learning experience for guild members.

Kawartha Potters' Guild