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First KPG Fundraiser- A Sold Out Success!

Thank you for those involved with KPG's Celebrate Ceramics Fundraiser
The Kawartha Potters Guild’s first ever fundraiser, Celebrate Ceramics, was an outstanding success! This sold out event featured 68 pieces of pottery donated from members of our guild and from potters across Ontario. All these pieces are now residing in the homes of those who attended. In addition to the pottery, there was live music provided by Rob Phillips and outstanding appetizers! So many compliments on this event were received from those attending, with everyone smiling!  
Holding an event such as this requires a lot of support and it would not have been the success it was without the help of so many volunteers! Many people were involved and all their efforts are greatly appreciated!  Thank you to all the guild volunteers who helped with organizing the event, setting up, preparing and serving the delicious appetizers.  
A special Thank You is extended to our community sponsors who with their support allowed the guild to host this fundraiser in the manner the committee had intended creating a truly memorable evening!  
The funds raised through this event will help the Kawartha Potters Guild to continue to bring the beauty of ceramic arts to the community while supporting ceramic artists of all kinds from beginners to budding artists to seasoned potters! 
Thanks again for supporting the Kawartha Potters Guild!!!

Canadian Ceramics Directory & Showcase

From their blog just recently, Make and Do is a new ceramic website.

make and do has been in idea kicking around for a long time, and then finally last November Carole Epp and Mariko Paterson decided enough was enough ~ let’s make this happen and let the good times roll.

what are we here for? CERAMICS! what do we want? MORE CANADIAN CERAMICS!

yup that’s right, it’s about time that Canadian clay artists started blasting they’re own horns and showing the world what we’re made of.

it’s come to our attention in the last few years that while Canadian artists have a pretty great view into what’s happening in the craft sector of other countries (particularly the US), we often have a limited view as to what’s going on in our own country and community of practice. plus those outside our borders often miss the amazing art that’s being created here. geographical divide no more! time for us to take a peek into the studios of artists across our great country, work together, and show off what’s happening in the contemporary Canadian clay scene.

so join us on this new adventure, get involved, help us spread the word, and most importantly let’s make and do all things wonderous and ceramic.

Source: welcome to make and do!

Plates of America

Kickstarter has this fun project running at the moment that may get the creative juices going.  They are creating a plate for every State in the U.S.  The project runs until August 14th, and I’m not suggesting any of us in Canada want to buy plates of U.S. States (although a few of them look pretty neat).  It’s more about the process and just the idea that you may find inspiring.

Gallery on the Lake

Thanks to all of you for participating in the recent exhibition at The Gallery on the Lake.  I think the exhibition can be considered a success.  We generated some publicity with newspapers and the Gallery put in a full page ad in Peterborough This Week.  The exposure certainly benefited the potters themselves, the guild and the Gallery.

Thanks to Lee-Ann for all her help in setting up the show on such short notice.  And thanks to those of you who helped pack up on Friday.

Congratulations to Mary, whose “Sleeping Cat” was the first piece sold.  Also congratulations to Lee-Ann whose 3 owls were purchased  by a prominent member of the community. (If anyone has images of the show on the day, they would be appreciated.)  Carolyn, Dan and Helen sold very well.  And Brenda, Anne and myself sold other work that we have in the Gallery.


Below are photographs taken of the set up at the Gallery.

Pit Fire & Tail Gate Party

The guild’s first-ever pit-fire and tailgate party. What an amazing experience. Eight guild members and a guest met at Dan Ferguson’s farm on a Friday evening to try our hand at doing a pit-fire. Dan directed us to the back of the farm to the “valley”. We had to drive through fields to get there. He then took us step-by-step as to how he prepares and completes the pit. He gently placed all of our work in the pit, slowly covered the work and then ignited the whole thing. It smoked for a while and then burned brightly. After the initial burst of flames, he then covered the pit with sheet metal to burn over night. We then opened up the tailgates of two of the vans and enjoyed a sumptuous dinner. One van had the main course and the other had desert and, of course, wine. Great potluck dinner as usual.

We then returned at noon the following day. The coals had completely cooled down so that we were able to retrieve the pieces without getting burned. And what a surprise. We all got the most gorgeous colours. First piece out was Dan’s bologna pot – he got lots of reds from whatever is in bologna. Thanks to Dan for giving us the wonderful opportunity to try something different. Another learning experience for guild members.

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