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2020 Holiday Sale Profile – Cathy Allen

two mugs carved with herons on the shore - Cathy Allen

Cathy strives to make decorative functional pottery that enhances and beautifies our everyday lives. Simple carving techniques and patterns in her thrown pieces give way to the curves of our own life’s pathways. She hopes you will enjoy her pieces!  

Our sale continues every day until December 23rd.  Book your appointment here, or take your chances at the door.

carved green and white trillium mugs - Cathy AllenCathy Allen decorating a teapot on the wheel

carved plates and mugs fresh out of the kiln - Cathy Allen

Cathy Allen

Cathy is our Facebook and Twitter-ess.  She also takes quite a few of the photos of various events.  She posts all the wonderful things that we are doing, and keeps our public informed!  Here she is getting ready for our upcoming show.

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