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Holiday Profile – Jeanne Cook

Promo rack card for Jeanne Cook
Jeanne enjoys working in many different media and has been potting off and on for quite some time.  She started working with mud at the Potters’ Studio in Toronto, concentrating on functional pieces. When Jeanne moved to Peterborough she thought her potting days were over, but then she discovered the Kawartha Potters’ Guild and was hooked again. She enjoy painting simple designs on my pots, like holly, birds, flowers, and leaves.  Her work is precise and detailed and always a hit.  You will find her work and many more potters this coming weekend Nov 29 – Dec 1 at our Talwood location.

Dark blue berry bowl with tray - Jeanne CookSquare tray, teal with dark green vine leaves - Jeanne CookDark blue butter dish - Jeanne Cook
Kawartha Potters' Guild