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Holiday Sale Thank You

The Guild has just concluded a very successful Holiday Sale. Thank you to all our loyal customers who continue to shop at the sale and to all the new customers who discovered us this year by following the red arrow.
A special thank you to the Sales Committee who diligently worked to provide a safe and stress free environment for holiday shopping. To all the volunteers who worked during the sale, sincere gratitude. And to the potters who have worked for the past several months creating beautiful pottery, your pottery exemplifies the quality to be found at the Kawartha Potters Guild. 

Socks Peterborough is immensely grateful for the 5 large shopping bags they received from students and customers of the Guild.

Wishing everyone a Happy Holiday Season and peace, joy and good health in 2022.

Kind Words

We have a ballot each year and ask if people want to be on our mailing list (some do, no pressure) and if they have any comments.

We thought we would share a small sampling of comments as they were very nice this year.

“Love this show”

“Starts off my Christmas”

“Yearly Pilgrimage”

“Wonderful Stuff”

“Miss your Spring Show”

“Great Variety”

“Love Hurly Burly”

“Could do with some larger soup bowls, the ones I’ve found are too small”

“Wonderful, Christmas Gifts Galore!”

“Super, mega, awesome”

“Amazing items, so hard to choose, I want one of everything!”

“I visit every year for unique, local gifts”

Thank you to everyone who visited and who has supported us in our move to our permanent location.

We wish you all a Very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

new start – new fresh website

Welcome to our new – look website.  The old one served its purpose, but the guild now has an exciting new venture and our website needed a coat of paint to go along with it.  We will be offering more services in the near future for the public and our members, with lessons, studio space and a gallery that is opened all year round and you will be able to read all about it here.

A thank you and credit to Meagan Chaney Gumpert, a potter in Ocala, Florida, for the image of the test tiles.  I went trawling the web for images of test tiles and saw the ones on the page (link previous) and emailed her to ask if I could use it.  She very generously said yes, and even said that if we ever needed a guest presenter, she’d be happy to oblige!  We couldn’t afford her travel, but if she means it, you never know. (I’m sure I would be happy to do a house swap!)

Co-incidentally, a week after we corresponded, I saw another image that I liked in Pinterest, and it lead me back to her blog and a post about crawling glazes on low fire clay.  Now that is a small world.  So thank you Megan Chaney Gumpert, and you never know, an invitation may be coming soon.  She will have a new website later this month at  She has lots of information about firing etc on her blog, so it will be worth checking out her new site when it is ready.  I’m sure it will be as informative.

In the meantime, check out yet another of her sites at where you will see some of her amazing wall sculptures. Simply beautiful.

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