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Our New Kiln

We are so excited to announce a new addition to our guild.  We have bought a brand new programmable kiln!  It is shiny and new, and we hope to be more efficient with electricity now by being able to firing over night and come in when it is about to turn off.  This will mean that we are using the cheapest electricity rates and because it is a BIG kiln, we can fit even more student work into it.

This is also a pretty important milestone for the Guild.  When we discussed going ahead last summer with renting a premises and taking our guild to the “next level” there was a lot of dissension among the group as to whether we could do this.  We passed our 1st year in our new home and now we’ve made a major purchase.  We are all happy to see this working.

Thanks once again to our tireless volunteers (members) who spent a couple of days clearing out the kiln/pugging room to make room for our new arrival.  Check out the pictures below!  The fellow in the one picture is Mike from PSH who delivered and set it up.  Today we have electricians in to wire it in, and soon we will have an extractor vent as well, so all the fumes exit the building (just like Elvis).

Kawartha Potters' Guild