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Awards for Deserving Guild Members!

Margrit's reaction upon receiving the Lifetime Membership award.

At our AGM on September 9th, the Guild recognized 2 members who have contributed greatly to our success today.  June Goodwin, one of our favourite teachers, was presented with the Appreciation Award, in thanks for her years as Guild chair (before we became a not-for-profit), as treasurer, as well as her energy getting us to take the leap to move into our current Talwood location in the first place.  We wouldn’t be in this spot now if it weren’t for you June – thank you!

June receiving a tree in thanks at the AGM

Margit Beesley was given the Lifetime Membership Award.  Margrit came to Peterborough from the Toronto Guild and she and George Stewart were two of the original members of the KPG.  Margrit brought guild knowledge with her to assist in the formation of our guild (over 25 years ago now!) and actively participated in and supported the Guild through the years.  When the proposal to move to Talwood was made, Margrit jumped on the band wagon with enthusiasm and support.  Once we were open, she helped out often in the Shop as well as running workshops and presentations for our members.  Margrit only just recently retired from teaching our regular hand building class for us, for which she will be missed.  Thank you Margrit for all the support you have given the Guild over the years.

Margrit's reaction upon receiving the Lifetime Membership award.


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