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Remembrance Day

cadets standing behind planted Trilliums

The photo is from the installation of the trilliums our members and local community members made in honour of the 100th anniversary of Vimy Ridge.  We would just like to take a moment to stop, remember, and thank those men and women who died, were injured or are still in active service for our country.

Remembrance Day

In 2016, our Guild was honoured to be approached to work on a fundraiser with the City of Peterborough for repairing the Cenotaph and to go towards veteran’s services.  On this day of Remembrance, we would like to thank all of those volunteers who helped create the Trilliums made in memory of those who fought and died from the Peterborough area in WWI.  

During our “planting” of these Trilliums at the Peterborough Cenotaph (this was done in April 2017 to mark the 100th anniversary of the battle of Vimy Ridge) we were assisted by local cadets.  One of our volunteers overheard their commanding officer commenting that one of them had specifically requested to be able to deliver one directly instead of passing it on to the next in line. The officer was asked for permission to speak with her directly and the young cadet was sent over.  The volunteer asked her who in her family had fought in the war that made this a special thing for her and she replied that it was her Grandfather. So the young cadet was asked if she’d like to plant the Trillium she had carried over. It was an incredibly moving moment.

table of white trilliums hand made by volunteerscadets assisting with planting of ceremonial Trilliums at the Ptbo cenotaph



cadets standing behind planted TrilliumsSome of the many volunteers who helped make the Trilliums





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