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Holiday Profile – Jo Ryan

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In her own words: “I was an Arts Educator for 33 years. I have honed my craft both in the classroom and in workshops under the guidance of many gifted potters. I work in slab, treating the clay like a piece of paper where I manipulate shapes, textures and eventually colour to create surface tension, rhythm and for the most part, informal balance.  At that point I consider function and complete the vessel.”

Jo will be joining our other potters at our Holiday Sale.  Come visit us and find out why our sale is a Peterborough tradition.

Green divided chip/dip platter - Jo RyanDk blue oval tray with handles - Jo RyanSquare green textured plate - Jo Ryan

Holiday Profile – Darlynne Colmer

In her own words: “Simply stated…my pieces are organic, sculptural and functional and I continue to explore this theme”.  Darlynne has been creating unique work since she first joined the Guild and her form and decorative techniques have continued to mature in really spectacular ways.  Come join us at our annual Holiday Sale and see her new work and the variety of offerings from our other potters.

3 footed pedestal bowl in light blue & cream - Darlynne ColmerTall 3 footed bowl in textured black and green - Darlynne Colmer


Holiday Profile – Darlene Malcolm-Moran

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Darlene Malcolm-Moran enjoys marbling a variety of clays and layering her glazes on the simple clean forms she throws. Beauty, form, function, and fine craftsmanship are equally important to every piece of pottery she has created since graduating from Sheridan’s College Ceramics/Design in 1976. Her functional stoneware pottery is a pleasure to use and is food, oven, and dishwasher safe.  Darlene has been involved with the Guild for many years and currently teaches a very popular advanced class.

Blue & yellow decorated plate - Malcolm-MoranCovered jar with blue glaze and cracked textured treatment - Malcolm-MoranSet of gold and amber bowls - Malcolm-Moran

Holiday Profile – Carole & John Bandurchin

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“We make pottery that is both functional and decorative, and some pieces that are primarily decorative. Carole has been a potter since 1979 and John began making pieces in 2000.  Most pieces are thrown and we also do hand building and extruding. We were accepted into the KPG Juried exhibition at the Peterborough Art Gallery in the fall of 2018”.

Black round vase - BandurchinGreen and black lidded boxes - BandurchinBlack pitcher and matching goblets - Bandurchin

Holiday Profile – Lillian Forester

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Joining a neighbour at a pottery class has led Lillian to a lifetime love of clay.  She works only with porcelain clay after taking a week-long workshop with renowned ceramic artist Harlan House.  She enjoys the colours achieved by using a white clay.  Adding a little texture or some carving picks up surface details when her work is glazed.  It is always fun opening up the kiln. 

Lillian also plays a vital role, as a volunteer and key founder of the guild. Last year she was recognized with a Lifetime Honorary Membership award.

grey celedon sgraffito bowl - ForesterBlue plate with cheese knife - Forester
Blue plate and mug set - Forester

Holiday Profile – Maureen Reed

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Maureen began working in pottery about fifteen years ago, after taking some courses offered at her local visual arts center. She enjoyed both the medium and the company of other potters. Over time, she realized that pottery was stress reducing and offered opportunities for creativity. Maureen now has her own small home-based studio where she prefers wheel work to create functional pots (bowls, plates and mugs). She has taken courses in pottery at the Haliburton School of the Arts and has taken advantage of the great workshops and courses offered by the Kawartha Potters’ Guild.

speckled bowl with rim decoration - Reedangel and bell holiday decorations - Reed









3 mugs in gold with blue - Reed

Holiday Profile – Ginny Clark

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Ginny’s Practical Pots

“I have been admiring and collecting pottery for over 45 years. Three years ago, I decided to try my hand at creating my own pottery. I quickly realized that it’s not as easy as it looks! I am following a journey of learning, creating and experimenting. I have gone from being completely surprised at how well something has turned out, to becoming more confident at designing and decorating my own pieces. I am having a great time crafting unique, functional items for everyday use.

I am looking forward to learning more decorating techniques, experimenting with new designs and skills, and incorporating them into my own creations.”

3 mugs decorated with queen anne's lace imprint in different coloursyellow glazed tablet holder

three legged plant potlace imprint sink brush holder

Holiday Profile – Dan Hill

My current focus as an artist/craftsperson in the 21 st century is to act as a counterbalance to the sterile, poorly designed machine made products that surround us in our daily lives.

With my functional pottery I combine contemporary design and decoration within a historical context in an attempt to bring a sense of ceremony and humanity into the
user’s everyday life. My One-of-a-Kind vessels push the boundaries of form and function but as with the functional work retain the marks of the maker, the process and the fire.

Soda Firing highlights all of the handcraft processes and leaves a visual imprint of flame and soda vapour movement within the kiln. When all goes right in this potters
world the imprint of the fire animates the ceramic surfaces and breathes life into my

We love Dan’s soda fired pottery! You can find his works and those of other potters at our upcoming Holiday Pottery Show & Sale starting Nov 30th!

Rectangular tray with colourful glaze painting - Dan HillDan Hill painting a teapotCanoe shaped boat in light green - Dan Hill

Holiday Sale Profile – Diane Hancock

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Diane Hancock lives in a small rural community north of Bowmanville, and just south of the Oak Ridges Moraine border.  This quiet, peaceful country setting is the perfect environment for exploring the never-ending possibilities of what can be made from a lump of clay.  Working with clay offers a unique way to channel the need to be creative. With an attention to detail and form, Diane focuses on wheel thrown functional stoneware pottery, but also enjoys forming one of a kind hand-built vessels.  Inspired by the beauty and timeless quality of handmade goods, Diane hopes you will enjoy using her pottery pieces as much as she has enjoyed creating them.
Pottery leaf plate - Diane HancockPicture of Diane Hancock and some of her work
Rust & Green brie baker - Diane Hancock