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KPG Annual Holiday Sale This Weekend!

Our annual Holiday Sale begins tomorrow (Friday Nov 24) at 10am!  We have 20 members participating including 5 newer members who have never been in the sale before.  The studio looks fabulous with all the colours and lights and we are so looking forward to seeing you this weekend! 


Square hand built tray with carved loon - Cathy Allen
Cathy Allen
Large teal grey mug with thumb rest and throwing lines. White inside. Darlene Malcolm-Moran
Darlene Malcolm-Moran
A mug, small handled casserole and bird shaped pitcher in Heather Brooks' cream and blue glaze combination
Heather Brooks
White speckled clay with white glaze round vase holding colourful flowers.  Emily Vail
Emily Vail
Hand built house garden sculpture.  With blue Dutch style roof.  Raku fired - Jane Turner
Jane Turner
Grey tiles with compass stars impressed into the clay - Holly McGillis
Holly McGillis
Brown and gold carved large platter with handles in Grecian style - Karina Bates
Karina Bates
Two Santa Gnome decorations - Jean Moloney
Jean Moloney
Painted blue grasses on porcelain plate - Priya Harding
Priya Harding
A variety of mugs - Lillian Forester
Lillian Forester
Ovalish platter, hand built, painted and carved with a pilieated woodpecker - Sue Flanagan
Sue Flanagan
Blue wave mugs with tree and cloud like texture and red clay applique buttons at the top of the handles - Sara Purves
Sara Purves

Celebrate Ceramics – Sold Out!

We are ecstatic to announce that we have officially sold out for our first fundraiser.  If you missed out, we do intend to do this again, and certainly you can visit our Pottery Shop at 993 Talwood Dr. any time throughout the year.  Just check our main page for current shop hours.  

Celebrate Ceramics is only one week away now, on Friday April 8 from 7-9 p.m. at the Lions Centre in Peterborough.  Live entertainment for the evening will be provided by jazz pianist Rob Phillips.  

Don’t forget to bring cash. There will be a raffle which you don’t want to miss out on!!! Also, please note that additional beverages (after your complimentary drink) can be purchased at the bar.

We haven’t been able to show you everyone who has donated to Celebrate Ceramics, so please enjoy this sneak peak.

Blue and white carved plate in mandala design - Karina Bates
Karina Bates
Raku fired blue, black and white vase and bowl - Allison Brannen
Allison Brannen
textured bowls to look like reed baskets with handles, in a light amber glaze - Heather Brooks
Heather Brooks
casserole, with lid, popcorn popper in greens and greys - Wayne Cardinalli
Wayne Cardinalli
Black polished pit fired vase - with angled leaf carving - Dan Ferguson
Dan Ferguson
triptych set of tiles carved and imprinted with plants and found items - John Marris
John Marris
Pair of mugs with carved and painted mountains at base, speckled clay, white glaze - Natalie Miller
Natalie Miller
Pierced bowl in black and a pair of blue mugs with black interior - Maureen Reed
Maureen Reed

2021 Holiday Sale Profile – Heather Brooks

I have been “potting” for more than 15 years and continue to expand my “potting” horizons. I love making functional items that have purpose and can be used everyday. With the support of the KPG Mentorship Program and Darlene Malcolm-Moran, I have been exploring the use of different clay bodies and different styles of decorating/glazing. I am really thrilled with the results!

White bowl with blue swirls - Heather BrooksHandbuilt rectangular tray glazed in gold, blue and green - Heather Brooks









Blue and gray mug and white rectangular tray with flower imprint in centre - Heather BrooksBowl, plate and square tray glazed in blue and gold - Heather Brooks

2020 Holiday Sale Profile – Heather Brooks

Two stemless green goblets and a matching leaf stamped rectangular hand built tray - Heather Brooks

Heather has been working in clay for over 15 years. She loves to create functional pieces that can be enjoyed every day. Shifting between the wheel and hand building, it allows Heather to keep in tune with the clay while creating a diverse collection of plates, bowls, mugs, casserole dishes and trays. She is so very flattered when someone wants to add her pottery to their home. In her opinion, this is the highest honour a potter can achieve.

Our sale continues through until 5pm on December 23rd.  You can still book a half hour appointment here, or drop-in during sale hours.  Our space is restricted to six visitors at a time.  We are open Saturday 10 -5, Sunday – Wednesday 11-5p.m.

Green and white glazed plate - Heather Brooksgreen handled casserole with wooden spoon - Heather Brooks









Blue and white berry bowl - Heather Brooks


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