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KPG Annual Holiday Sale This Weekend!

Our annual Holiday Sale begins tomorrow (Friday Nov 24) at 10am!  We have 20 members participating including 5 newer members who have never been in the sale before.  The studio looks fabulous with all the colours and lights and we are so looking forward to seeing you this weekend! 


Square hand built tray with carved loon - Cathy Allen
Cathy Allen
Large teal grey mug with thumb rest and throwing lines. White inside. Darlene Malcolm-Moran
Darlene Malcolm-Moran
A mug, small handled casserole and bird shaped pitcher in Heather Brooks' cream and blue glaze combination
Heather Brooks
White speckled clay with white glaze round vase holding colourful flowers.  Emily Vail
Emily Vail
Hand built house garden sculpture.  With blue Dutch style roof.  Raku fired - Jane Turner
Jane Turner
Grey tiles with compass stars impressed into the clay - Holly McGillis
Holly McGillis
Brown and gold carved large platter with handles in Grecian style - Karina Bates
Karina Bates
Two Santa Gnome decorations - Jean Moloney
Jean Moloney
Painted blue grasses on porcelain plate - Priya Harding
Priya Harding
A variety of mugs - Lillian Forester
Lillian Forester
Ovalish platter, hand built, painted and carved with a pilieated woodpecker - Sue Flanagan
Sue Flanagan
Blue wave mugs with tree and cloud like texture and red clay applique buttons at the top of the handles - Sara Purves
Sara Purves

New Stock In! – Jane Turner

squat round vase with blue glaze from widest point to neck and black on the bottom - jane turner

Jane is always coming up with creative and useful items for around the home.  This time she has a great selection of orchid planters, like the one pictured below, along with a great selection of other pieces.  Check out her whole catalogue in our online store.

green orchid pot (cut holes) and tray - Jane Turnerblack and copper tumbler - tulip shaped - jane turner










rust glazed spoon rest with throwing lines - jane turner

2021 Holiday Sale Profile – Jane Turner

I have been potting part time for 10 years, taking lots of work shops, courses and learning for the very generous pottery community. Each year I add a few new skills.  During Covid lock downs I started growing Orchids and Succulents. Turns out I have a black thumb. Even though I can’t grow plants I love making homes for them.
Dark rust glazed round mug - Jane TurnerBlue carved snowflake with cut outs - Jane Turner
Blue galaxy glazed tumbler - Jane TurnerSmall planter and tray glazed partially with a drippy greenish yellow glaze - Jane Turner
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