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Peterborough Garden Show

We had a great time participating in the Peterborough Garden Show this past weekend (April 8-10, 8 – 4pm at the Evinrude Centre). We demonstrate throwing and showing off some of what the Guild and the ACP can supply for one’s gardens.
Thank you to all that attended, and then came around to the gallery to shop!  We are happy to see everyone.

We hope to see you at our open house

Don’t forget that we are having an Open House on Saturday and Sunday at our permanent location at 993 Talwood Drive in Peterborough.  There will be demonstrations, goodies and you can tour our facilities.  The Kawartha Woodturners’ Guild, Peterborough Handweavers’ and Spinners’ Guild as well as Gourds from the Canadian Gourd Society.   Drop in while you are doing your Christmas shopping and visit us for some hot cider and other refreshments.

We look forward to seeing you here!

June Goodwin getting ready for show

June Goodwin is the hardest working member of our guild.  A lot of days you will find her at the gallery, either teaching or doing our books, as she is our treasurer and general “go to” person.  How she has time to do her own work is beyond us all!  Below is some of her work that has been bisqued and is ready to be glazed.  That is where the magic comes!  Every time we open the kiln, we never know what we will get!  You’ll have to come to our sale to find out!

Click on the image to see a larger version.  The work below includes not only June’s pottery, but our member Barb Zmozynski on our “Newbie” table!

Working on our Christmas Wares!

Heathyr Francis and Colin Hoag are the team that make up Place in Nature Studios.  They are working hard at creating some magical toad houses which will delight and enchant you.  Below are Heathyr and Colin working to make some pieces for our upcoming Christmas show.   And below that is a video of a Raku in progress!

As Hearthyr explains about their workspace.

As you can see, we work around the clock in our sun porch and garage. This is getting increasingly difficult at this time of year with less and less daylight and colder temperatures. We are looking to migrate indoors or fix up the sun porch so we can work til December or so in that space. I think January and February might be just too cold much work out there.

Raku – great music!

Grand Opening still on!

Mayor Bennett came to cut the ribbon to formally open our premises
Mayor Bennett came to cut the ribbon to formally open our premises

We had a great day yesterday with lots of really good sports.

Mayor Bennett of Peterborough came and cut the ribbon of our new premises and then hand made a bowl that we will be selling at the YWCA’s Empty bowl event taking place on June 21st.  He has spent time making pies, we suspect!  Then we had MP Dean Del Mastro on hand in the afternoon and he threw a bowl as well!  He learned the the placement of the tongue is very important when making pottery.  We were impressed that he was able to throw a pot and keep his black suit clean!


Mike made a newsroom desk! for CHEX
Mike Judson made a newsroom desk for CHEX

The boys from CHEX, Tyler Calver and Mike Judson also made bowls on the wheel and had a great time. Mike Judson had such a good time he stayed longer and made a news desk! (Tyler wanted to stay but had a prior engagement)  It’s such a fun place here that people love to stay!

We were impressed with all of guests that came out yesterday.  What good sports.  Mike and Tyler even did a re-enactment scene from the movie Ghost. Very funny.

We are still open today from noon – 4 and we welcome all to come down and view our facilities.  You can have a go trying out building things with clay at our working area and be inspired to take a class!  We know we will see the fellows that were here yesterday again! 🙂


Here are some photos from the day.  The Spinners and Weavers as well as the Woodturners were also on hand demonstrating their art in our lovely courtyard.  There is plenty of parking, so please feel free to visit.

Our Gallery is now officially open!

KPG gallery
The gallery is now open.

We opened our gallery to the public officially yesterday (although, we’ve had some sales from curious shoppers already).  Our official opening hours are:

Tuesday  – Friday: 11am – 6pm
Saturday – 10am – 5pm

There is new work from our guild members as well as work you have loved and know from George Stewart at Park Street Pottery.  This is the perfect place to buy that one of a kind gift for a wedding or Christmas!

We look forward to seeing you soon.

Kawartha Potters' Guild