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From their blog just recently, Make and Do is a new ceramic website.

make and do has been in idea kicking around for a long time, and then finally last November Carole Epp and Mariko Paterson decided enough was enough ~ let’s make this happen and let the good times roll.

what are we here for? CERAMICS! what do we want? MORE CANADIAN CERAMICS!

yup that’s right, it’s about time that Canadian clay artists started blasting they’re own horns and showing the world what we’re made of.

it’s come to our attention in the last few years that while Canadian artists have a pretty great view into what’s happening in the craft sector of other countries (particularly the US), we often have a limited view as to what’s going on in our own country and community of practice. plus those outside our borders often miss the amazing art that’s being created here. geographical divide no more! time for us to take a peek into the studios of artists across our great country, work together, and show off what’s happening in the contemporary Canadian clay scene.

so join us on this new adventure, get involved, help us spread the word, and most importantly let’s make and do all things wonderous and ceramic.

Source: welcome to make and do!

Angelo di Petta

Our long time mentor, judge and presenter, Angelo di Petta, has launched a new website. It has a great look back at his designs from the past forty years.  He says that in future, he will be adding more in the way of video, and instruction.


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