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Pit Fire & Tail Gate Party

The guild’s first-ever pit-fire and tailgate party. What an amazing experience. Eight guild members and a guest met at Dan Ferguson’s farm on a Friday evening to try our hand at doing a pit-fire. Dan directed us to the back of the farm to the “valley”. We had to drive through fields to get there. He then took us step-by-step as to how he prepares and completes the pit. He gently placed all of our work in the pit, slowly covered the work and then ignited the whole thing. It smoked for a while and then burned brightly. After the initial burst of flames, he then covered the pit with sheet metal to burn over night. We then opened up the tailgates of two of the vans and enjoyed a sumptuous dinner. One van had the main course and the other had desert and, of course, wine. Great potluck dinner as usual.

We then returned at noon the following day. The coals had completely cooled down so that we were able to retrieve the pieces without getting burned. And what a surprise. We all got the most gorgeous colours. First piece out was Dan’s bologna pot – he got lots of reds from whatever is in bologna. Thanks to Dan for giving us the wonderful opportunity to try something different. Another learning experience for guild members.

YWCA Empty Bowls 2012

What a great day we had at the YWCA’s Empty Bowls Event on Friday, June 15th. Total funds generated were $2,663 (twice as much as last year). The place was packed with guests. We ran out of food, ran out of wrapping paper, ran out of plastic bags for the bowls. All in all a great day.

The guests were overwhelmed with the vast selection of bowls. So we made it easy for them – they could simply purchase a second or third bowl but excluding lunch. And they did buy! And the Silent Auction was a success as well.

I have a big a VERY LARGE THANK YOU to Karen, Jackie and Lee-Ann who worked tirelessly. We were literally run off our feet trying to keep up with wrapping and packing up the people’s choices. Many had never purchased pottery before and were delighted, while others collected pottery and were very selective in their choice.

Lee-Ann did an excellent job of setting up the display tables so that they didn’t look static and made it easy for people to mingle. Thanks also to Penny Kemp from the YWCA, Joelle and their many volunteers who picked up all the food, set up all the salads, breads and sweets and helped serve the guests.

And the biggest THANK YOU has to go to all of you in the Guild who supported this event by your generous donations of bowls. It wouldn’t have happened without your contribution.

Lillian Forester

Chris Snedden

It was a great day, with Chris showing us a few techniques first for decoration using images from a newspaper, outlining it with slip and then painting accents, and applying it to clay.

We also learned a technique in which we put underglaze onto stamps and then stamped those onto paper and applied other colours over that. When reversed, you had the details from the stamp in the foreground and the highlighting colours in the background.

Then Chris finally showed us the technique of silkscreen onto clay (or paper, for use later). We had previously sent Chris images for him to burn onto our screens and he first did a demonstration of how we would apply different emulsion in future. Then one by one we all printed a couple of copies of the images on our screens.

It was really interesting to see what types of images everyone had, and we came away with some fun ideas, and a screen and a squeegee!

Guild Christmas Show a Great Success!

Here are a few images from the show. If you joined us, thank you! If not, we’ll be there again next year!

We were happy to have more potters back this year, a few new ones, and a few that have returned after a hiatus.

We are on CHEX TV!

On November 28th, Michelle Ferrari and Teresa Kashuba visited June Goodwin’s studio to do a segment on Chex TV’s 5 O’clock show. There were at the studio for almost three hours learning to throw. You’ll see by the photos that they had a great time, and had to do the famous potter’s scene from the movie Ghost.

The program aired on November 29th on Chex TV.  Sorry this video is no longer available!

Northumberland Potters Association

The Northumberland Potters Association Annual Juried Show and Sale was held from November 18 – 20, 2011 in Baltimore, Ontario. This year’s awards were to two potters from our guild:

Best in Show –

Non-functional – Lucia McHardy $250.00 cash

People’s Choice Award

Brenda Sullivan – $125.00 gift certificate

This years judge was Angelo diPetta.

Congratulations to the Association and to Lucia and Brenda.

Dinner is Served – Zilberschmuck Gallery in Toronto

Susan McDonaldThese are the pieces that Susan McDonald with Charles Funnell had on exhibit in: “Dinner is Served” Shao-Pin Chu, Charles Funnell with Susan McDonald, Ross Morrow Contemporary hollowware, silverware and tableware in silver and ceramic at the Zilberschmuck Gallery in Toronto.

This show was on from February 1st to February 26th, 2011.

Susan McDonald


Eleanor Hendriks

Eleanor Hendricks "Milkweed Jar"
Eleanor Hendricks “Milkweed Jar” was winner of the Northumberland Potters’ Guild Best in Show

Eleanor Hendricks won the “Best in Show” award at the Northumberland Potters Guild Show that was held on November 19th to the 21st. Paul Portelli was the juror, and the prize was $500.00.

Her piece entitled “Milkweed Pot” was a handmade pottery jar with carefully sculpted pod details forming the handles and knob. It measured 7.5″ x 5.5″ x 11″. Congratulations Eleanor.

Lillian Forester

Overseer by Lillian Forester
Overseer by Lillian Forester

Lillian Forrester has recently heard that she will be included in an upcoming Lark 500 series book.

Lillian made a few pieces last year and submitted them to lark books call for entry. In February 2010, “Overseer” was donated the to the Burlington Art Centre for their annual Art Auction. The photo of the piece was included in the BAC publicity folder, newspaper and web PR and it ultimately sold for $275 at the auction.

Lillian just received notification from Lark, almost a year after submission, that this piece “Overseer” had been accepted. Past presenter to KPG Anne Armstrong has also had a horse hair raku piece accepted.

Congratulations, Lillian!

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